Read Before You Watch . . .

Or you will think I have just gone round the bend

Jun 6, 2023

Happy moments are treasures. When we are lucky enough to find them, we must savor just as we would a bite of that favorite dessert we can’t have often.

I had a magical, happy week-end because all of my siblings and their spouses came to Santa Fe (from California, Texas, and Michigan), just to celebrate how much we love each other. It was such a fabulous occasion in every way - the only fault to find was that it was too short.

So when everyone left yesterday, I began to reflect on happiness. We feel happy when happiness hormones are released in our brain. But, what makes that happen? The answer to that question would be unique to every person.

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you wonder what makes you happy? We will think of large things - like “art” for me or “old cars” for my husband. Petting and cookies for my dogs, a silly thing called “Squeezies” for my cats. Most of us would have gardens on our lists, and many would add chocolate, sunshine, and flowers.

There are many small happiness experiences floating by us every day as well, and we miss a lot of them. The two clips in the video above are examples of that for me and I’m glad I didn’t miss them. They just made me so happy. I watched them over and over.

Both are about very unusual music and parades of sorts, which are well known happiness makers for most folks anyway. One gave me shivers that told me my heritage may be involved somehow. I played it for my siblings before they left, and they had the same experience. The other just made me joyful and want to be a vegetarian.

One clip is an Instagram post by a dear friend of mine, Nan Judson, who happens to be in France right now, and the other is from one of the wonderful “vlogs” of artist, Sarah Burns, in Scotland.

Combined, they are not quite two minutes long. I hope they deliver a little joy to you as well.