Wow, this is such a great kit. Have loads of fun on your sketch trip. I just got home tonight from a six week art, nature and hiking trip to NZ, and it is time for me to evaluate what I used the most. I know I went through a lot of paint and only used 3 or 4 brushes. I will have to try a chalk marker for white. I never used my water brushes. I love your idea of pre-cut pages for grab & go. Are you going to Tubac?

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Mar 6·edited Mar 6

So great to get a tour of your kit! Loved hearing you talk about how important each item was for you. Looking forward to seeing your new idea for travel paints when you get to that too! That’s the one piece that takes up the most room! Looking forward to your travels

Update: Can you share which Pitt pen your using. Tried to zoom in but there are so many Pitt pens avliable I was not sure which you had… thanks

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You’ve got a lot of stuff in there too, Jessica. Can’t wait to see why you draw in the next few days!

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If the video does not play smoothly, try this version on Dropbox


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