Here is something exciting . . .


Sketchbook “Walk-Throughs” are very popular. If you haven’t seen them, they are videos of sketchbook artists paging through their sketchbooks - usually to a musical soundtrack or no soundtrack at all. I love seeing the sketches, but the pages go by too quickly to really see or savor. I also find myself full of questions about the how and why that page came to be. Or what materials were used to create it.

As I pondered such things, I came up my Sketchbook Talk-Through idea. Only one or two pages or spreads at a time, but lots of time to see and understand them - AND small demos or lessons sometimes. I had a great time making this first one (I do love talking to myself, as you may recall from another post), so I have decided to make it part of my new art life.

The other thing I am going to embrace is an add-on paid subscription to this newsletter, where I will publish more of these and a lot of other things that take too much effort to be totally free. Someone has to buy the pet food.

The cost right up front because I so dislike wading through bunches of “marketing” to know whether I can afford something or not. My paid subscription will be $8 per month, or $80 annually. Annual subscribers will be emailed a $25 credit to be used on one of my classes. All of my 24 Skillshare classes are being added to the Santa Fe Art Cafe over the next month, and most of them are $25 - so this means a free class of your choice.

The Sketchbooks Talk-Throughs are just one of the special things I have planned for my paid subscribers. Santa Fe Art Dates is another and I will be letting you all know as new stuff comes along.

My free subscription will remain free and will also be full of good things. Paid subscribers will just get lots of extras.