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I have been pondering an area for growth. I like plein air painting and also painting from reference photos I take when I camp and travel. But...

What I have noticed about myself is that I get caught up in what I see and have trouble simplifying ( and limiting) the picture. I totally get it when I do a class where someone has already made the decisions . I recognize it too when I look at other people's interpretation of a scene but boy does it trip me up when I'm left to my own devices. This is especially true for me in landscape paintings. It's not as quite as hard with buildings.

Anybody else have this issue?

By the way Jessica I have to say this is an amazing offer and I'm excited to see where this thread takes us. Thank you

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This post came right on time! Last night, I was reflecting on the fact that many things are competing for my time. Some things can’t really change much: family, household chores. In the last 2 years, I have started to do crochet, creating hats and blankets and dolls. It has taken over a lot of my free time to the detriment of drawing. But I miss drawing! So how do I manage my hobbies so they don’t compete with each other for my time and attention? How do I do it all?

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