I have to admit that I don't talk to myself as much as I used to. From a young age, I rehearsed everything I was going to say before I said it, sometimes multiple times (true introvert here, I guess). I had a running dialogue with myself in my head, too. I have worked hard to be more external, and I can honestly say that I am seldom aware of that little voice in the head, unless my Monkey Mind is working away at some artistic puzzle, and then I hear it pretty loud and clear. Those of you who know me are very aware of how much I write when my brain is turned on. I think that's the Voice coming to life and spilling out!

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I have a "Board of Directors" in my head!! They are usually quiet when I am sketching!!

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I talk to myself constantly and I’m known for saying “I need to get my ducks in a row!” This really spoke to me. Everyone around me is constantly mentioning how much I talk to myself, but I don’t mind…I’m thinking it is part of my charm!

So nice to hear from you, Jessica. I love your stories and they always make me smile!

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I have never understood why people frown on talking to yourself, whereas writing to yourself (i.e. keeping a journal) is generally considered a positive thing. It is exactly the same, only talking to yourself is quicker, and you won't get confronted with a thought from six weeks ago that now makes you cringe, as you didn't commit it to paper. I talk to myself, too, in much the same way as Karen Pancoast described earlier, and I find talking through a process is very helpful. Techies say that when you have a complex issue to solve, you should try to explain it to the rubber duck in your bathtub. That means talking to yourself, too, and this method certainly works. So for me it is fine if we all talk to ourselves. It only helps the mindfulness!

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Yes, I talk to myself, especially when doing creative work. "No, that color is too bold, how can I soften it? I need something in this corner, what could it be. Remember the rule of thirds, don't put it in the middle. Should I try to fix this, or just trash it." That sort of thing.

I talk to my plants as I put them in the ground in the spring, "See, here, just snuggle in the dirt and I'll water you."

I talk to my computer when it mis-behaves which seems to be more often lately. I recite my grocery list of 5 items while I cruise the store buying many more than 5 items.

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I attended one of John Muir's "nature journaling" workshops and he is a strong proponent of talking to yourself while *noting* what you see that you want to remember (so you can sketch it in a few moments). Talk was of the, "I see that bird has a white ring around its eyes. It has a yellow beak that is really sharp-looking. It has black feet and it walks in patterns of two steps." That kind of talking to ones' self! I've taken it up because verbalizing truly does help me to *see* something better and the recall (especially if one is of "a certain age") is more clear later. I'm not gonna comment and relate this to bathroom stall talking.... :D

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