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To answer your questions:

Art newsletters I am always fine with getting, but not double mailing the same one a few days later, that is irritating - you don’t do his, thank you.

I always appreciate your newsletter because you are sharing your artful journey and that is what I enjoy, like this post, you shared the 100 day project and an idea of looking back over art books in your library for inspiration - fabulous, thank you!

I do not like to be bombard with hard sell and sales, make an announcement on tan offering is fine but to send repeated emails about the same offering is also irritating, I unsubscribe from newsletters that do that, because if I am interested I will purchase, I do not need reminding.

As far as subscriptions of any kind, I do not subscribe simply because of my work schedule and for me subscriptions are not a good investment. If I am interested, I pay for the course I am interested in and have time for.

Thank you for sharing your artful self!

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