Fine liners make beautiful ink lines - uniform in width and density, and these lines give strong definition to watercolor sketches. I mostly use fine…
E-Z Lift?
Day 1 - My Arizona Road TripWatch now (15 min) | Santa Fe, NM (Home) to Sedona, AZ
My Sketchbook Travel Kit . . .Watch now (19 min) | Oh My!
The Best White Pen EverWatch now (6 min) | As long as I have been hanging out with artists, I have been hearing the conversations about finding a good white pen to use for…
How to Paint With Chalk MarkersWatch now (15 min) | Strange but true

February 2023

Rabbit Trails Are Awesome
Here is something exciting . . .Watch now (13 min) | Sketchbook “Walk-Throughs” are very popular. If you haven’t seen them, they are videos of sketchbook artists paging through their…
The other day, I read a short post on Instagram from one of the thousands of creative people who give advice to other creative people online. This piece…

January 2023

How Will Your Art Garden Grow This Year? Have you noticed during the month of January that everyone seems to be reviewing last year and planning for a…
Painting with Stabilo 88 Markers
An imaginary friend can add a lot to your art life.